It’s spring! If there’s one thing everybody’s looking forward to, it’s getting back up on their ladders and checking out the winter’s damage to their roofing or gutters, right? Okay, we apologize for opening with some light-hearted sarcasm. In all seriousness, though, your roof and gutters can give you a lot of worries. Storm damage, clogging, and simple deterioration over time can be MASSIVE sources of anxiety when you own a home, especially since your roof is one of the most important parts of your house.

What if you didn’t have to worry?

But what if your roof and gutters didn’t have to be a source of anxiety? What if your roof and gutters required such little maintenance that you didn’t even think about them?

The materials you choose are going to directly affect the amount of maintenance work your roof and gutters will require later on.

Specifically, these materials are Gutter Topper and Steel Roofing.

With their powers combined, they form a roof that will withstand the elements and remove that nagging feeling to get up on the ladder or call your preferred roofer every three months.

Gutter Topper

Gutter Topper is a product that guards rain gutters from, well, pretty much anything besides rain. Because it completely encloses the gutter (except a small trench for water to run into) and keeps out anything that commonly blocks rain flow, it removes the need for seasonal gutter checks.

In a previous blog, we discussed how bad ice dams can be for your roof. Ice dams form when an attic is not properly vented, and heat from the interior of the house rises to melt the snow on top of the roof. It can be very bad because the water will freeze along the eaves of the house.

Prevent Ice Dams With Hott Topper

While Gutter Topper doesn’t directly protect against ice dams, it can be supplemented by a Hott Topper. It’s a Gutter Topper add-on that keeps the top of the gutter above freezing to melt any ice that forms and drains down through the gutter. Finally, ice will no longer weigh down your gutters or damage weak spots in the roof.

If you have other questions about GutterTopper, you can head over to their FAQs page here.

The second element of a roof that is worry-free is the material. We’re talking about steel roofing!

Steel Roofing

An alternative to traditional asphalt shingles, steel roofing is a smart investment that will last a lifetime. Instead of having to replace your asphalt shingles every 12-15 years, most steel roofs will last between 80 and 100!

Many color and finish options are available. Additionally, many include warranties that will keep your roof looking great in the rare event the color fades.

Today’s steel roofs are different from the tin ones of old. They are lifelong in quality and timeless in appearance, with stone coatings that give them a distinct residential appearance.

Best of all, the construction of metal roofs ensures that you will not need to perform quarterly visual inspections for displaced shingles, animal damage, or burrowing insects. Their long life quickly pays for themselves.

DECRA ® steel shingles also has an FAQ page that can help answer additional questions here.

What Next?

Your roof doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety and worry. Though it’s a vital part of your home that’s exposed to many elements here in Northeast Wisconsin, technologies like steel roofing and Gutter Topper can make your roof last a worry-free lifetime.

For a quote on steel roofing or Gutter Topper, contact us today!