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From Thermoplastic Membrane Flat Roof (PVC or TPO) to Rubber Membrane Flat Roofing (EPDM) there are many different types of Commercial Flat Roofing and they all serve a unique purpose.

Both forms of roofing are considered to be a single ply membrane but have unique features and benefits. For example, PVC Roofing is a synthetic plastic polymer known for its ease of instillation and durability. TPO Roofing is a more eco friendly option as this type of roofing is recyclable. Additionally, this roof also absorbs UV light and is flame resistant. Finally, we have rubber roofing or EPDM. This material is rubber as described and is adhered or held down by stones.

Trust in the Details

How Details Can Make a Difference

One of these processes is installing our own metal. This allows us to build things such as collector boxes, gutters, and multiple variations of roof flashings. Collector boxes are crucial when ensuring the water on your roof finds its way off your roof. Our gutters and downspouts then ensure it finds its way to the ground. Most important, are the various types of roof flashings we construct and install. Flashings and counterflashings are desinged to protect some of the most vulnerable parts of your roof. Utilizing these flashings to protect crucial seams and edges, along with ensuring exposed fasteners are covered, gives you the peace of mind that your business will be safe and dry.

Our Products

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Galvalume Products
  • Galvanized
  • Prefinished Kynr
  • Stainless Steel

We Come Prepared 

80+ Years of Commercial Roofing Experience

Security-Luebke Roofing, has over 80 years of experience in commercial roofing.This speaks to our vast amount of knowledge, skills and equipment to complete your church, school or business roof as efficiently as possible.

Some of this equipment includes our rock vacuum, robotic welder and cranes. This equipment helps us do things like remove stone from roofs quicker and more efficiently, create smooth and consistent welds as well as lift all needed materials.

The tool that has proven most valuable to not only our team, but our customers as well, are our cranes. We have both a fixed cab boom crane and an aluminum trailer crane that serve unique purposes. Our fixed cab boom crane is a drivable crane that is able to lift even our heaviest loads to a height that services most of North Eastern Wisconsin. Our mobile crane has become our most valuable asset, even though it can’t lift as heavy of loads it can be towed behind a truck, remotely operated and has a 360 degree range of motion.

Warranty Options


Manufacturer Warranty Material/Wormanship Warranties 

  • Out of box material warranties included for most manufacturers.
  • Material and workmanship warranties available for purchase for most materials and manufactures. 
  • Transferability available for most materials and manufactures.

Security-Luebke Roofing, Inc. Workmanship Warranty 

  • 5 year workmanship warranty included on all projects.
  • 10 year workmanship warranty available for additional purchase