Hiring the right contractor is a crucial step toward achieving a great new roof! It’s easy to do some online research and pick out a contractor. We’ve taken that a step further and put together a contractor checklist and contractor hiring tips to help you find the right roofing contractor.

It’s important to us that you find the perfect fit for your project.

Your Contractor Checklist

  1. Make sure the roofing contractor is licensed by your state.
  2. Check if they carry adequate roofing insurance.
  3. Check the roofer’s online reviews at sites like BBB, Angie’s List, GuildQuality, Google Local, or Yahoo Local.
  4. Request personal references.
  5. Ask who will do the actual work (do they have their own team, or is there a subcontractor).
  6. Ask for a written estimate. It should detail the start/completion dates, materials to be used, workmanship guarantees, material guarantees and cleanup expectations.
  7. Check the length and types of warranty they provide.
  8. Find out how you can contact the roofing company and who will be in charge of your repair or installation.

Contractor Hiring Tips

You have your checklist; now, here are a couple of tips to help you find the perfect contractor for your roofing project.

Consider Your Roofer’s Character

Is your potential roofer friendly?

Does he or she shake your hand and maintain eye contact?

Do you feel comfortable with your potential roofer?

This is a roofer you’re considering hiring, and they will spend considerable time at your home. Make sure they’re the right fit!

Ask Your Roofer Questions

You have your contractor checklist above; however, ask your roofer specific questions about previous projects. This is your chance to interview before hiring. Ask detailed questions like, “Tell me about your most rewarding project” and “What’s a mistake you’ve made in the past? What did you learn from it?” Consider their answers to these questions!

Contractor Professionalism

Note how your potential contractor responds to emails and phone calls. Were they on time for your consultation? Consider their professionalism! This is a great indication of how they will act during your project.

After following the checklist and using our hiring tips, you’ll have found the right contractor for your roofing project!

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