Do you have a long wish list of remodels and projects around your home? While a new roof can add thousands of dollars of value to your home, we realize that a new roof might be lower on your wishlist. We’ve put together a list of 5 easy DIY home improvement projects to help increase the overall value of your home. These projects will make your home more beautiful and add value! Some of these projects will take only a few hours, and some will take a weekend. The hard work will be well worth it!

Calculating the Value

When it comes to calculating an increase in home value for these projects, it will always depend on the initial value of your home and how much work you’re putting into it.  Our estimates are shown in dollar signs ($$) to show where you can get more bang for your buck – but you should talk with a contractor or realtor if you have questions about specific numbers for your home.

1) Spruce up Your Landscaping

Looking to improve your curb appeal? Planting trees and shrubs is a simple yet cost-effective way to bring value to your home.

When you’re plant shopping, go for plants that are native to your area and try to choose plants that are low maintenance. Having more plants in your yard not only provides curb appeal but also improves your air quality.  Just keep in mind that too many plants can also be a turnoff, so don’t go too crazy with turning your backyard into a botanical garden!

Low Maintenance Shrubs for Wisconsin

  • Alpine Currant
  • Flowering Almond
  • Rosy Glow
  • Boxwood
  • Burning Bush

Planting Trees and Save Money

Planting a tree in the right place in your yard can actually save you money on energy costs! Trees can cast a shadow to keep your home cooler and block cold winds in the winter. The Arbor Day Foundation has lots more information on where to plant your tree.

Potential Increase in Value: $$$

2) Update Your Walls and Ceiling

This may seem odd, but the state of your walls and ceiling can make a huge difference in value of your home. Luckily, walls are easy to DIY and improve yourself!

  • Eliminate dated wallpaper
  • Remote popcorn or textured ceilings
  • Paint any rooms with bright or obnoxious colors

Potential Increase in Value: $$

3) Bathroom Updates

You can’t afford an entire bathroom remodel, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few DIY update tricks you can do!

Make a Small Bathroom Feel Larger

Do you have a small bathroom or a half bathroom? There are tricks to make that space feel larger. Paint your bathroom a light, airy color. Think off-whites, blues, and creams. A small space with a light color appears to be larger!

Can you add any storage or shelving to your bathroom? By adding three small shelves above the toilet, you give the feel of more space. Plus, everyone wants more storage in the bathroom.

Potential Increase in Value: $$

4) Update Your Kitchen

Could your kitchen use a facelift? You don’t need to gut everything to the studs to give your kitchen a new look.

Paint the cabinets a different color for a fresh look. If you have darker cabinets, try a lighter color to give the room a bright feel!

Replace any dated decor, like those old curtains over the sink, to brighten the room. Old kitchen rug you’ve had forever? Update it with a new one!

A simple DIY to give your kitchen the feel of an update is to deep clean it. If you spend a few hours cleaning off counters and emptying all your cabinets, you’ll realize how much extra stuff you’ve been storing. Yes, we mean your pantry and fridge too! After you deep clean your kitchen, you’ll realize how much space you have. As an added bonus, a clean kitchen seems bigger too.

Potential Increase in Value: $$$$$

4) Update Light Fixtures

Do you have any old or outdated light fixtures? Replacing light fixtures doesn’t cost very much at all, but changing light fixtures in hallways, bedrooms, and the living room can really brighten up the room.  Menards has light fixtures anywhere from $10-90!

What kind of lightbulbs are you using? Update any old bulbs with bright LED bulbs. They’ll burn brighter and save you some money!

Potential Increase in Value: $$

5) Make Your Bedroom Appear Bigger

Craving a bigger bedroom? There are some DIY projects to make your bedroom seem bigger.

Do you have colored bedroom walls? Consider painting the ceiling the same color. Bright or bold walls with white ceilings will make the room seem smaller.

Update decor to give your room a fresh, modern look. Replace bulky drapes with light curtains, replace dated bedding, and consider new bedside lamps.

Potential Increase in Value: $$$$


These DIYs are fun, and most are fairly easy. Don’t go it alone! Involve your spouse or family in the projects. Get your kids to help with landscaping and painting projects!
Are you thinking of tackling some tough DIYs? Check out our post on 5 Safety Musts Before Attempting Any DIY Roofing Project, and be prepared.