Roof Asset Management is Crucial to Facilities Management
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Three Feet

We climbed up to the top of our client’s roof and immediately saw it. Three feet of standing water from a clogged roof drain. The roof was weeks, or even days away from a colossal disaster – the roof collapsing. Rooftop equipment had been damaged. We needed a pair of fly-fishing waders to clean it out.

Sadly, these stories aren’t uncommon in the world of commercial roofing. While roof asset management carries one of the highest financial liabilities of facilities management, it’s also an area that requires a lot of expertise to master.

It’s really important to get it right.
Do you know what to look for?
When is the last time you got up on your roof and had a look around? Or if you have recently, did you know what to look for? Roof asset management is a complicated part of facilities management. With reactive repairs coming at about 2-3x the cost of proactive ones, it couldn’t be more important to get it right.
Learn everything about Roof Asset Management
Our short eBook discusses everything you need to know about this important, but not widely understood, aspect of facilities management.

In just 8 pages, you’ll learn everything you need to know about keeping your facility roofing happy and healthy. Included in our ebook is information about:

  • Proactive Roof Asset Management
  • Maximizing Roof Asset Value
  • Facilities Management Delegation
  • Doing More with Less
  • Worry-Free Facilities Management
  • Condition-based repairs
Save your company thousands of dollars
Not only will you be able to prevent costly emergency repairs from undiagnosed deficiencies, but you’ll also save your company thousands of dollars in unnecessary time-based re-roofing projects.

Our free eBook also shows how much money you’ve saved your company.

Worried about your roof?

Worried you might also be sitting under 3 feet of water or are unaware of your roofs condition…

Give us a call at 920 ROOFING and one of our Security-Luebke Roofing certified commercial roofing experts can come out for an inspection.

We’ll provide an in-depth report, grading your roof, supply photos detailing your roof’s remaining life value and any deficiencies with a cost for repair. We’ll work with you to discuss and address any issues that could compromise the safe functions of your roof.