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Protect your gutters with Gutter Topper

Clogged or broken gutters, you are in the right place!

Why Choose a Gutter Topper Security-Luebke Roofing

Seamless Gutters

Protecting your homes foundation

Are your gutters leaking near your miters, end caps or even split in the middle of a run? Even a small amount of water leaking from your gutters can cause damage to your homes foundation over time.

Gutters are a crucial part of an effective and efficient roofing system. At Security-Luebke we can offer a variety of solutions to handle the water flowing off your roof, even in the most difficult areas. These solutions can look like anything. from an increased gutter size, larger downspouts or even a diverter to protect your home and its foundation.

Gutter Protection 

Keeping you off a ladder 

Gutter Topper keeps out leaves, branches and other debris to keep your gutters flowing freely, guaranteed! We have the right products to keep your gutters free flowing.

Installed by factory trained professionals, Gutter Topper strengthens one of the weakest parts of your roofing system and keeps you off a ladder. Separate yourself from the competition with Gutter Toppers exceptional build quality and nose forward design.

Bad Gutter

Gutter Service 

Exceeding your gutter service needs 

There are a number of reasons your gutters might not be performing optimally. Those reasons include things like a failure in seams such as miters or end caps, or they may simply be filled with debris.

We offer solutions to help return your gutters back to protecting your home’s foundation. A gutter cleaning and often times the replacement of a gutter run or new downspout can make a world of difference in your gutters performance.

See how repairing your gutter system can help to better protect your home and save you money on future damage repairs.

What about similar gutter products like: LeafGuard, Gutter Helmet, OR Leaf Relief?

Gutter Screens Create More Work

Gutter screens cover will always plug up, leading to MORE work!

Likely To Get Clogs

Products with the nose set behind the front edge of the gutter will clog.

Lack Of Water Carrying Capacity

All-in-one systems have a large front opening and less water carrying capacity.

Possible Damage To Your Roof

Products not installed by qualified roofing contractors can damage your roof.

Installation Must Be Done Right

Products installed OVER your shingles can do permanent damage to your roof.

Potentially Not Secured

Where Gutter Helmet is supported on gutter every 24″, Gutter Topper is continuously secured to the gutter creating a much stronger hold.

This Is Why We Install Gutter Topper Products!



We properly clean out your gutters.


We separate the second layer of shingles and panels are flashed under shingles. Front Lip is then fastened to gutter lip.


Front edge of Gutter Topper is properly aligned with panels and fastened to roof deck under shingles.


Shingles are resealed along the entire edge with a stronger seal than what previously existed.


Inside and outside miters are hand cut and diverters are installed to control heavy water flow if needed.

Have Your Gutter Topper Installation Project Financed!

Start your project today and have your Gutter Topper project financed with Security-Luebke Roofing. We offer no Interest or Payments for 12 Months! Stop climbing that rickety old ladder to clean your gutters today, and don’t make any payments until next year!

Customer Testimonials

Appleton Area Storage LLCAppleton Area Storage LLC ★★★★★ Super people to deal with, very organizedCory FuhrmanCory Fuhrman ★★★★★ Very professional peoplSharon WallisSharon Wallis ★★★★★ AWESOME. What more can I sat?MICHAEL BUCHHOLZMICHAEL BUCHHOLZ ★★★★★ They did a fantastic job on a roof replacement. We had a major leak and the salesman came out multiple times to talk us through some different options. Alex was thorough and very transparent with pricing.Communication from the office was always prompt and professional. The work team that completed the job took their time to protect out property and did a very thorough clean up.Overall it was a great experience and I'll be using them again if needed.David MarskeDavid Marske ★★★★★ Security -Luebke Roofing did a excellent roofing job at our home.After the hail storm I called this roofing company as I wanted a local roofer with a good reputation to be the ones to tear off and replace my roof. I was a adjuster for many years in this area and the way Security handles there roofing jobs was very professional and the quality of the work was always good.With my home the communication was always good and the company went out of there way to avoid my wife s flower garden growing season. The job went well. Before they drove over the lawn and soft ground the applied plywood to prevent any damage . the tear off was tough Im sure but the crew you could see had a good system working well together. The roofers who applied the roof also did quality work . The roofing crew leader went out of his way to make sure we knew exactly what to expect and how long the process would take . He also came to us to see if we had any concerns or questions as the roof job continued to completion.Not sure how the crew managed to pick up 99 percent of all the nails and clips in the yard . I felt the over all experience we had with this roofing company ,the top notch quality of the work was exceptional and and we were very happy with the end results. I would highly recommend Security / Luebke Roofing to any one. Dave MarskeBrenda YOUNGBrenda YOUNG ★★★★★ ALSO, Security Luebke recently put a new roof on our house and again, they did not disappoint! From delivery of the shingles to the clean up after, everything was perfect! Security Luebke replaced our gutters and also put new siding on our home. It is absolutely beautiful! The workmanship is high quality. We could not be more pleased. The employees were so responsive and respectful. My gosh, you just dont find this very often anymore unfortunately. But, Security Luebke and their employees are very impressive. We really cant complain about anything as everything was near perfect!Peggy McNallyPeggy McNally ★★★★★ Security-Luebke put a new gutter protection on my house. They were on time, efficient and the work was done well. I would hire them again for work on my home.Joanne MuellerJoanne Mueller ★★★★★ Fast easy friendly and great to work with and would recommend to any one. THANK YOU SO JON GORDEEMichael BuchholzMichael Buchholz ★★★★★ Roof replacement - Fantastic team to work with. The sales rep completed a very thorough inspection and uncovered issues that other contractors missed. He was very up front and transparent with pricing and it was obvious he was trying to get us the best price possible. The project team took extreme care to protect the property and plants and did an excellent job with communication throughout the process.Heather TewsHeather Tews ★★★★★ I would highly recommend working with Rob Foat for your gutter needs. He is very knowledgeable, honest, shared his opinions and customer service is great. Thank you!Heidi KrullHeidi Krull ★★★★★ I worked with James and Virginia at Security Luebke Roofing and they were fantastic. Any time I had a question, there were there to answer it. Very professional and walked me through each step. I had my roof, gutters and siding all done by them!Tim KettnerTim Kettner ★★★★★ Our Sales rep, Greg, was very professional and thorough. We knew exactly what was going to be done and why. The replacement went very smoothly and follow-up was impressive. They were alittle more expensive than most but worth it.Debra QuandtDebra Quandt ★★★★★ Security Luebke Roofing was fantastic to work with. They were on time, answered all of our questions, stayed late to finish on time, picked up the debris and communicated promptly with our insurance company. Appreciated their phone calls and emails with updates and changes. Would highly recommend their services!!! Special shout out to Wyatt and Evelyn for their hard work!Larry WoldtLarry Woldt ★★★★★ The assignment here was to remove our existing double flu chimney and install a stainless vent pipe for our gas fireplace. The chimney had been leaking for sometime when we would have a strong west wind.The gentlemen were great. The complete job was completed in one day. I will be calling again to get an estimate for a garage roof replacement. This is the second time Sharon and I have had Luebke roofing making improvements to our home. They are the best and their salesman Eric is the best.Jason LaluzerneJason Laluzerne ★★★★★ Very professional and courteous from start to finish. Charlie has been a huge help with insurance discrepancies as well. Always kept me in the loop the entire time.Scott FraserScott Fraser ★★★★★ Well established business did excellent work, cleanup and follow up. I highly recommend.Chris EckesChris Eckes ★★★★★ Outstanding customer service! I had them do a roof replacement on my house earlier this year. The estimator was very friendly and explained the process very well. The installation team did a great job. They did it in the middle of the winter and even came back in the early spring to pick up any nails that dropped in the snow! Would recommend them for sure.Alice PollockAlice Pollock ★★★★★ The inspection determining my roof problems was discussed in detail explaining when and what was needed to have the repairs accomplished. The workers were polite, explained how the repairs were going, and tidyed up the property before leaving. Repairs were done in a timely manner.Nellene AckermanNellene Ackerman ★★★★★ Professional, quick, clean,flexible and price is right. I'd recommend security luebke any day.Brian StaibBrian Staib ★★★★★ these guys were absolutely great.extremely professional and very above and beyond what i woulda expected. A+ ServiceSteven BrownSteven Brown ★★★★★ Had them install our house roof did an amazing job, great with communication and answering questions, clean up was perfect needed our garage done a few years later same results highly recommendChris WeberChris Weber ★★★★★ After having our roof done previously by a different company, we were very pleased to have Security install our roof this time. No issues with shingles not being mailed down, tons of nails everywhere in the yard, and overall pork communication, No issues with shingles not being mailed down, tons of nails everywhere in the yard, and overall poor communication, Security was a far superior company to use. Very professional in all aspects!John MitchellJohn Mitchell ★★★★★ Fantastic job on my garage roof, gutters, soffit and fascia. Having more work done by them in December. Only roofing company I'd even consider now. Professional and cleanup was great s well. Update 8-23-23. Just had my house roof done. Fantastic job, just like my garage roof. If there is any negative, it would be the sub-contractors that did the one run of gutter and downspout. Security's project manager had to "fix" one issue that shouldn't have happened. I don't fault Security-Luebke for this at all. The issue was with the gutter sub-contractor. Security did make it right that same day.Joel WendtJoel Wendt ★★★★★ We are extremely happy with installation of our new roof. Security Luebke was excellent in all phases of the project from quoting to scheduling to installation. They communicated to us any changes in the scheduling and always kept us informed about the project. The installers showed up on time and were courteous and friendly. The clean up was outstanding and you could hardly tell they were there.We would definitely use Security Luebke Roofing if needed in the future and would recommend them for any roofing project.Ellyn SchroederEllyn Schroeder ★★★★★ Security Luebke Roofing was wonderful to work with. They did an awesome job on our roof and we’re very easy to work with. I would use them in the future and recommend them to all my friends and family looking to do work on their roof, need gutters, etc. Thanks Security! - Tim IngleseKathy YasickKathy Yasick ★★★★★ Open house and educational seminarCraig MarciniakCraig Marciniak ★★★★★ Great group of people. Took care of my needs/wants and worked with my insurance company. Absolutely perfect. Shannon Alberts, Jim Heroux and all the rest...well done!Jubei SanJubei San ★★★★★ The representative whom sold me the roofing package (Sam K.) was extremely knowledgeable about his product and clearly outlined the benefits of all the options, without making me feel he was 'up-selling'. He was very courteous, very professional, transparent, and very patient with all of my questions. He seemed most interested that I was making the right selection for me, by making sure I understood everything he was showing me, with zero pressure. His appearance and demeanor were very professional, while also very affable.The representative working on my behalf through the whole process (Evelyn L.) was always-on, making herself completely available to my questions and concerns, extremely patient and never failed to return my emails or phone calls, or follow up with anything coming from her end. Because of her, I felt supported and completely secure in the process as it was happening, and assured that what I was getting was the highest quality product and service.The Roofing Team and the Gutter install Team were on-time every time, very expedient while not overlooking any one detail, and extremely efficient while equally thorough. Clean-up of the area, as promised, was what I would consider as close to white-glove as possible. To present I have yet to find one nail or discarded piece of roofing remnant, or really anything that would qualify as problematic or even visible. Outstanding.For two very minor follow-up concerns of mine, Supervisors came to my site themselves, post-haste, and took it upon themselves personally to evaluate and remediate where possible with great speed and accuracy.I can't say enough positive things about this Company and it's methods and practices. I feel 100% confident in this roof system and the Company's support model. If you need a roof and/or gutters, my candid opinion is that this Company is absolutely where you should go. I see why they have a great reputation, and they have earned it with me.- JRRJerry ClusenJerry Clusen ★★★★★ This is our second roof installed by Security-Luebke Roofing. The installation went great. Crew members were very professional and helpful in answering our questions. They cleaned up the site daily. Quality workmanship from a business that stands behind their product (material and service).Robert HaaschRobert Haasch ★★★★★ My roof was damaged due to a hail storm. Many firms, mostly companies I never heard of wanted to repair my roof. Early on I decided I wanted a reputable company to install my new roof. and Security - Luebke Roofing was my choice. They did an incredible job. The repair was done in Dec. when very few companies will attempt to remove shingles and put a complete new roof on. The men worked non stop for 1 and 1/2 days and the new roof looks fantastic. Flashing around critical areas like chimneys and vents were done with exceptional expertise. I'm very pleased with the work and followup which Security-Luebke Roofing did on my home.Cindy ShawCindy Shaw ★★★★★ We were amazed how fast they got our roof done. The quality of work is impressive and they cleaned up after themselves. We were shocked they finished in one day, especially with all the repairs that were needed. Our lawn was so clean after they left, you could hardly tell they had been there. Not like the previous roofing company we had 14 years ago. We definitely have been telling all our friends and family what a great experience this was and would recommend Security-Luebke Roofing to everyone.Jody WormleyJody Wormley ★★★★★ Pleased with crew and quick response on any concerns.Jonathan CloudJonathan Cloud ★★★★★ They worked with my schedule, which is hectic due to business travel, which was further complicated by jury duty. The technician who installed the gutter topper was fantastic! On time, answered all my questions, extremely curteous and professional, and skillful in his work. I have an area of my gutters that required very detailed special fitting. He did it very well with no negative impact on my house's appearance.Jean ThayerJean Thayer ★★★★★ I appreciated that the work was done quickly and effectively. I couldn't tell that anyone was at my home save for the beautiful new roof.Kevin SchumacherKevin Schumacher ★★★★★ Guys did a great job on our roof replacement!Jim BayerJim Bayer ★★★★★ Quality throughout the entire process. Every team member we dealt with was concerned only with our satisfaction.js_loader