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The edge of a home roof with gutters covered by Gutter Topper.

Are plugged gutters making your life a struggle? Gutter Topper prevents leaves, branches and other debris from entering your eavestroughs . It is the ultimate gutter protection to let your gutters flow freely, guaranteed!

Since 1996, Security-Luebke Roofing has installed gutters in Green Bay, Wisconsin and the neighboring areas and the outcomes are incredible! Gutter Topper covers over 7,000 homes in the area and amounts to over one million feet!

Why Choose Gutter Topper?

Installed by a factory certified roofing professional, Gutter Topper strengthens one of the weakest parts of your roofing system! Plus, it prevents the gutters from plugging with detritus while ensuring the gutters continue to optimally perform.

A Safe Choice

Security-Luebke Roofing’s Gutter Topper surpases gutter helmet and other brands due to remarkable build quality and meticulously followed installation procedures. This will assure your Gutter Toppers will last.

What Makes Gutter Topper Different?

Gutter screens always get clogged. Products with the nose set behind the front of the edge will clog. All-in-one systems have a broad front mouth and limited water carrying capacity. Products that are not installed by authorized roofing contractors can corrupt your roof. And finally, products installed ON TOP of your shingles can cause perpetual harm to your roof.

Did we mention that your gutters are backed by a lifetime warranty? Yes, that’s right! If they ever get plugged, give us a call and we will unplug your gutters for free!

What About Similar Gutter Products Like: Leafguard, Gutter Helmet, Or Leaf Relief?

Gutter Screens Create More Work

Gutter screens get covered and will always plug up, creating MORE work!

Likely To Get Clogs

Products with the nose fixed behind the front end of the gutter will clog.

Lack Of Water Carrying Capacity

All-in-one systems have a broad front opening and have a limited water carrying capacity.

Possible Damage To Your Roof

Products not installed by certified roofing contractors can harm your roof.

Installation Must Be Done Right

Products installed OVER your shingles can do perpetual damage to your roof.

Potentially Not Secured

Where Gutter Helmet is supported on gutter every 24″, Gutter Topper is continuously secured to the gutter creating a supirior hold.

What Locations Do We Provide Gutters for Around Green Bay, WI?

We serve the Green Bay, WI area as well as the neighboring  regions. Our team of experienced and authorized Gutter Topper professionals will carefully install your Gutter Topper and take away the fear and concern of using an unstable ladder to clean your gutters of debris. These are the zip codes that we serve, along with our service map area.

Zip Codes We Service:

54115 (DePere) 54115 (Ashwaubenon)
54126 (Greenleaf) 54155 (Oneida)
54155 (Hobart) 54162 (Pulaski)
54173 (Suamico) 54180 (Wrightstown)
54208 (Denmark) 54229 (New Franken)
54301 (Allouez) 54301 (Green Bay)
54302 (Green Bay) 54302 (Bellevue)
54303 (Howard) 54304 (Green Bay)
54304 (Ashwaubenon) 54305 (Green Bay)
54306 (Green Bay) 54307 (Green Bay)
54308 (Green Bay) 54311 (Green Bay)
54313 (Green Bay) 54313 (Ashwaubenon)
54324 (Green Bay) 54344 (DePere)
A roofer installs gutter topper over an existing roof on a home.

How does our Gutter Installation Process Compare to Other Contractors in Green Bay, WI?

Installed by a certified roofing expert, Gutter Topper makes one of the most fragile parts of your roofing system one of the most solid! It also inhibits the gutters from clogging with rubble while ensuring the gutters continue to do their job.

Occasionally, you may need to spray off your Gutter Topper. However, that can easily be done from the ground with your garden hose and no ladder!

Our Installation Process

Step 1

We properly clean out your gutters and make sure your downspouts are free flowing.

Step 2

We examine the gutter’s pitch and overall opperation and make any crucial alterations.

Step 3

Then our installer will separate the first layer of shingles from the second.

Step 4

The panels are then installed and flashed under the shingles.

Step 5

The front edge of the Gutter Topper is fastened to the top lip of the gutter every 16” with color matched screws.

Step 6

The front edge of the Gutter Topper is aligned properly to ensure proper water adhesion and debris deflection.

Step 7

The panels are then screwed to the roof deck, under the shingles using galvanized deck screws.

Step 8

The shingles are sealed down along the entire roof edge with a stronger seal than what was previously in place.

Step 9

Inside miters are hand cut to the proper angles and a water diverter is installed to control heavy water flow.

Step 10

Outside miters are hand cut to the proper angles and flashed under the shingle hipping for a very clean look.



This is what our Elated Gutter Customers Think in Green Bay, WI


Since 1996, Security-Luebke Roofing has been installing Gutter Topper in Green Bay, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas. Don’t take it just from us. Take a look below to see what some of our customers have to say.

Customer Testimonials

The shingles look great, we had 60 mph winds earlier this month and there was no issues with their workmanship. We got gutter guards and new downspouts and I have never been happier.

Calvin N.
Green Bay, WI

First the house and then two years later the garage. The crew, three of the hardest working Mexican-Americans , finished the house in two and a half days and the garage in one and a half. Fed them lunch both days and enjoyed their stories. New rain gutters and toppers too. Nothing but compliments for the workers and the results.

John M.
Seymour, WI

Ordered the gutter gaurd last fall for spring installation. They came, did the work, and it looks great! No more cleaning the leaves out of the gutters!

David K.
Green Bay, WI

What’s there to do in Green Bay, WI?

Placed at the mouth of the Fox river and a sub-basin of Lake Michigan, Green Bay, WI is known for the Green Bay Packers and Title Town. In addition to the Packers, you can find family fun at Bay Beach Amusement Park , gain some knowledge at the National Train Museum or take a walk downtown Green Bay.

Did you know:

A Hobbit House Bathroom is located at the Green Bay Botanical Garden? With an astounding 47 acres, there in fact is a Hobbit House Bathroom. This astonishing array of gardens echos Wisconsin’s distinct four seasons while taking you on an adventure amidst beautiful architecture that compliments the natural beauty.


If you don’t want to go to a Packers Game or learn some train history, you might head over to the Farmers’ Market on Broadway. This is one of Wisconsin’s largest farmers markets, displaying vendors from around Green Bay and beyond. Whether you are in the mood for some fresh produce or just looking for a unique handcrafted good, The farmers market has got you covered!

Other attractions include:

Regardless of the length of time you visit the area for, you’re sure to find dining, attractions and fun that everyone can enjoy. We’re proud to serve the many homeowners and business owners in the area for their roofing, siding and gutter needs.

What Makes Security-Luebke Roofing the Superior Choice for Installing Gutter Topper?


With over 25 years of experience installing Gutter Topper and over 7,000 homes protected, we’re proud to serve homeowners across Green Bay, WI and beyond. We partner with best-in-class companies to ensure that our customers receive the best quality products that will withstand the tough weather our region faces. We’re thankful to have been voted Best in the Valley numerous times and for each positive review that our customers leave. Check out any of our over 1,000 reviews on GuildQuality.

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Superior Gutter Services FAQs

An aerial view of a home’s roofline featuring gutters topped with Gutter Topper.

Why should I add a gutter guard to my home’s roofing system?

Gutter screens always plug up. Products with the nose set behind the front edge will clog. All-in-one systems have a large front opening and less water carrying capacity. Products not installed by qualified roofing contractors can damage your roof. And finally, products installed OVER your shingles can do permanent damage to your roof.

What makes Gutter topper different? Security-Luebke Roofing’s Gutter Topper beats gutter helmet and other brands due to exceptional build quality and closely adhered to installation procedures. This ensures your Gutter Toppers will last.

What financing options are available?

Start your project today and have your roofing project in Appleton, WI financed with Security-Luebke Roofing. We offer financing options to make your roofing project a manageable expense. We have special offers right now that make it an even better time to start your roofing project. *Qualification required and rates subject to approval.

I have ice on my Gutter Topper. Should I worry?

If you’re not experiencing a leak in your home, then you shouldn’t worry. Ice dams are a common sight in northeast Wisconsin. We just have to make sure your roof and gutter system are built to protect the home, not necessarily to prevent the dam.

Ice dams are caused by many factors, some of which can be improved (insulation and ventilation) and some that can’t (architecture, orientation to the sun, snowfall, temperature changes, and age of the home).

The important question to ask is, “Am I experiencing a leak?”

Gutter Topper does not cause ice dams, nor does it prevent them. If your home is prone to icy eaves (and MOST homes are) then the ice that you see is just on top of the gutter rather than in the gutter.

With Gutter Topper, you experience a sort of trade-off; the ice is no longer in the gutter, stressing the gutter and becoming harder to thaw, in exchange for moving the ice to a visible location on top of the Gutter Topper. This may also lead to experiencing icicles sooner as the ice does not have to wait for the gutter to fill up for it to overflow.

Gutter Topper and your gutters, once combined, can handle a significant amount of snow and ice. If the icicles are bothersome (dripping on a walkway for example) then knocking them off is certainly encouraged. Sometimes the ice will form a ‘bridge’ over the Gutter Topper opening and when the thaw starts, the melting water follows the bridge. This is the best time to knock off the icicles so your gutters can return to their intended function; draining the water away from the home.

If your Gutter Topper or your gutters (or your roof for that matter) require any attention that you are unable to provide, please contact us for a service request. We will be happy to send out a Service Technician to provide you an estimate for service.

Final Thoughts on Gutter Guards in Green Bay, WI

Taking care of your home is important, and so is being safe. Do both with Gutter Topper. Avoid the hassle of climbing ladders to clear debris and get more time (and less stress) back in your day. Plus, with Gutter Topper, if your gutter ever gets plugged, just give us a call and we will unplug it for free!

A roofing professional installing gutter topper on a home roof.