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Are clogged gutters making your life miserable? Gutter Topper keeps out leaves, branches and other debris with the ultimate gutter protection to let your gutters flow freely, guaranteed!

Never clean out your gutters again!

Since 1996, Security Luebke Roofing has been installing Gutter Topper in Northeast Wisconsin and the results are amazing! Gutter Topper protects over 7,000 homes in Northeast Wisconsin and totals OVER 1 Million Feet!.

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Gutter Cleaning

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Life Without Gutter Leaf Guard Protection

The Solution: Never again will these homeowners have to wrestle with clogged gutters thanks to gutter covers.

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“Andrew explained how the gutter topper works effectively and his installation was completed in a professional manner. We are very pleased with the overall quality of the product and installation.”
– John L. Menasha, 5 Stars

1,000,000 feet of Gutter Topper

Since 1995, Security Luebke Roofing has been the exclusive installer of Gutter Topper, manufactured in Ohio and recognized as a leader in quality in the gutter protection market. In 2015, we installed our one millionth foot of Gutter Topper. That has saved a lot of Wisconsin residents from having to scale the ladder to clean out their gutters.

Best Gutter Guards & Professional Installation in 10 Steps

Installed by a factory trained roofing professional, Gutter Topper makes one of the weakest parts of your roofing system one of the toughest parts! Oh, and it prevents the gutters from clogging with debris while making sure the gutters continue to do their job!

  1. We properly clean out your gutters.
  2. We inspect the gutter’s pitch and overall function and make any necessary adjustments.
  3. Then the installer will separate the 2nd layer of shingles from the 1st layer.
  4. The panels are then flashed under the shingles.
  5. The front edge of the Gutter Topper is then screwed to the top lip of the gutter every 16” with color matched machine screws.
  6. The front edge of the Gutter Topper is aligned properly to ensure proper water adhesion and debris deflection.
  7. The panels are then screwed to the roof deck, under the shingles using galvanized deck screws.
  8. The shingles are sealed down along the entire roof edge with a stronger seal than was previously there.
  9. Inside miters are hand cut to the proper angles and a water diverter is installed to control heavy water flow.
  10. Outside miters are hand cut to the proper angles and flashed under the shingle hipping for a very clean look.

On occasion, you may need to spray off your Gutter Topper. It can be done easily from the ground with your garden hose with no ladder!

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Gutter Topper is Guaranteed

We guarantee that your Gutter Topper will perform as intended, or we will service it free of charge for as long as you own your home!

LeafGuard, Gutter Helmet, Leaf Relief...

What about similar gutter products?

  • Gutter screens type covers will always plug up, leading to MORE work!
  • Products with the nose set behind the front edge will clog.
  • All-in-one systems have a large front opening and less water carrying capacity.
  • Products not installed by qualified roofing contractors can damage your roof.
  • Products installed OVER your shingles can do permanent damage to your roof.

Learn more about Gutter Topper vs. Gutter Helmet.

I have ICE on my Gutter Topper. Should I worry?

Leaf Guard

If you’re not experiencing a leak in your home, then you shouldn’t worry. Ice dams are a common sight in northeast Wisconsin. We just have to make sure your roof and gutter system are built to protect the home, not necessarily to prevent the dam.

Ice dams are caused by many factors, some of which can be improved (insulation and ventilation) and some that can’t (architecture, orientation to the sun, snowfall, temperature changes, and age of the home).

The important question to ask is, “Am I experiencing a leak?”

Gutter Topper does not cause ice dams, nor does it prevent them. If your home is prone to icy eaves (and MOST homes are) then the ice that you see is just on top of the gutter rather than in the gutter.

With Gutter Topper, you experience a sort of trade-off; the ice is no longer in the gutter, stressing the gutter and becoming harder to thaw, in exchange for moving the ice to a visible location on top of the Gutter Topper. This may also lead to experiencing icicles sooner as the ice does not have to wait for the gutter to fill up for it to overflow.

Gutter Topper and your gutters, once combined, can handle a significant amount of snow and ice. If the icicles are bothersome (dripping on a walkway for example) then knocking them off is certainly encouraged. Sometimes the ice will form a ‘bridge’ over the Gutter Topper opening and when the thaw starts, the melting water follows the bridge. This is the best time to knock off the icicles so your gutters can return to their intended function; draining the water away from the home.

If your Gutter Topper or your gutters (or your roof for that matter) require any attention that you are unable to provide, please contact us for a service request. We will be happy to send out a Service Technician to provide you an estimate for service.