Gutter Topper Vs. Gutter Helmet

Gutter Topper and Gutter Helmet sound similar! However, compare these products side-by-side and there’s a noticeable difference. Security-Luebke Roofing installed Gutter Helmet until 1993 and realized it caused major issues. We discovered Gutter Topper in 1995 and haven’t gone back since. Gutter Topper corrected all the headaches including thicker material, flashed under the roof, and it properly attached to the gutter.



Aluminum Thickness =

0.024 inches thick

Continuously Secured to the Gutter =


Flashed Under the Shingles by a roofer =

safer for your roof

Lower profile =

more attractive

Reusable with Future Roofs =

better value


Aluminum Thickness =

0.019 inches thick

Supported on gutter every 24"

Nailed Over the Shingles

Higher profile =

more visible

Not easily reused

Since 1995, Security Luebke Roofing has been the exclusive installer of Gutter Topper, manufactured in Ohio and recognized as a leader in quality in the gutter protection market. In 2015, we installed our one millionth foot of Gutter Topper. That has saved a lot of Wisconsin residents from having to scale the ladder to clean out their gutters.