Frequently Asked Questions

We realize you will most likely have questions. Here are a few of our most common questions and answers.

Who are all these people knocking on my door?

The roofing industry has a segment of contractors who travel to follow storms. “Stormies” in Wisconsin come from as far away as Texas and Florida.

They often show up within 24-hours after a storm event, and leave when early work has been signed up, but not necessarily conducted.

The goal of many who knock on your door is, sadly, to get you to sign a contract, right on the spot. Their main sales pitch is they can get you a “free” roof. Be careful. You can’t be sure this is true or legal.

No one who knocks on your door, unsolicited, should ever pressure you to sign anything.

What licenses does Security-Luebke hold?

Wis. Dept. of Commerce (held by Jon Goodman) #12492
Wis. Div. of Safety & Buildings #12491

How do I compare your bid to other roofers I don’t know?

Ask to see their required licenses
specially their Wis. Dept. of Commerce Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification. This requires ongoing education and licensing.

Examine the contractor’s local reputation (even those who come from out of state).
A good company should have full-time office staff instead of just a cell phone or an answering machine. A good company should provide a written workmanship warranty in addition to material warranties. A good company should have an extensive list of local customers from the past 5-yrs.; contact those customers for references.

Visit the workshop of each roofing contractor
A good company will have a local office and shop. Observe the cleanliness of their shop (they’ll typically treat your home the way they treat their own facility). Determine if they are in permanent facilities or just quickly rented space.

How bad does hail really damage my roof?

Less than ½” hail (pea size) usually causes no damage.

½” to 1″ hail (marble size) may damage the roof; this is usually not an emergency. You have time to call a local roofing contractor to come and inspect.

Hail over 1” (golf ball size) certainly can cause damage, and on occasion a leak. You will need a qualified contractor to look at your house.

Be patient. You usually have at least a year to complete the process. Do not be rushed into any snap decision.

Be prudent. Use all your good sense and judgment when dealing with insurance companies, adjusters, and contractors. Be as cautious as you would be for any other major purchase.

Be wise. Even though your insurance company may pay for the damage, it is still your home. Don’t settle for contractors with whom you wouldn’t spend your own money. (read choosing your next contractor)

Be proactive. Call your insurance agent and report the possibility of damage. They will instruct you to call a contractor like Security-Luebke Roofing to come and inspect your roof. When you call someone reliable, you may need to be patient. Good local contractors are worth the wait.

What if my insurance company just won’t cooperate?

Your only expectation should be full compliance with your policy. But if you have doubts, speak directly with a regional manager of the insurance company. Your insurance agent does not settle claims, but is very interested in keeping you satisfied. Your agent will gladly provide the manager’s contact information. The insurance company’s regional or district office is where claim decisions are made. Politely communicate your position to the regional manager. Be sure to get that person’s name.

What can I do when my insurance is not offering enough money?

You have the right to challenge not only the dollar value, but also the accuracy of the adjustor’s report and measurements. A quote from a respected company, such as Security-Luebke Roofing, establishes a fair market value by virtue of our 50+ years of service in N.E. Wisconsin.

When you authorize us to speak with your adjustor we are very successful at closing the gap between the true cost of replacing your roof and the amount your insurance company initially states.

Do I really have an emergency?

Wind that blows off roofing and damages the structure of your house is an emergency for which you need rapid service. Contact a company such as Security-Luebke Roofing. We have a 24-7 emergency hotline which is accessed through any of our normal telephone numbers:

Fox Valley: (920) 733-7635
Oshkosh: (920) 233-5070
Green Bay: (920) 494-7998
Toll Free: (800) 558-3253
For Emergencies (24/7): (877) ROOFHELP

Still have questions?

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