5 Safety Musts Before Attempting Any DIY Roofing Project (Infographic) Jul 17, 2015

5 Safety musts before attempting any DIY roofing project

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6 Benefits of a Metal Roof Jun 11, 2015

Are you considering a metal roof for your home? You’re already taken the first step to your new roof: research. There are many benefits to installing a metal roof.

If you have any questions, please call us. We will be more than happy to offer advice on choosing the right roof. Here are 6 benefits to metal roofing!

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Roofs Around the World Oct 14, 2014

If you’re reading this indoors, you are sitting under a roof. If you’re reading this outdoors, then it sounds like you’re probably not with us here in Northeast Wisconsin. Roofs are usually above our heads, often we don’t even think about them.

Here are some of the coolest roofs around the world that are definitely difficult to ignore.

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5 Safety Musts Before Attempting Any DIY Roofing Project Sep 3, 2014

The term “roof over your head” is synonymous with having a place to live. Here are five important tips for any DIY roofing project.

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The Importance of Healthy Gutters Jul 15, 2014

“There’s stuff growing in here.” To this day, I remember the realization of this disturbing reality setting in. I had just moved into my first house and after looking over the rest of the house, I had taken a ladder to look at the gutters.

Sure enough, there was a mix of stagnant water, fungus, dirt and flora sprouting up from the soupy contents. The sight alone was disturbing, but it’s the smell that will haunt me forever.

Later, the foundation of the house was found rotting and an expedition into the walls found black mold which cost thousands of dollars to remove.

I hope I’m not understating the problems that can arise from having bad rain gutters.

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